Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flashbacks :)

Flashbacks. The first time i heard this word was during a read-aloud in 5th grade. We were discussing about the book Ms Pollack was reading to us, and the main character kept on having flashbacks. I've been havin' a lot of flashbacks lately, like my own movie theater in my mind hahahaha psychotic much? and Ive discovered there are a few elements that'll bring us back to some random particular moment in our life. It could be a song, a word, a scene, or a picture. But the most strongest element of em all, would be.. scent. Call me disgusting but ya knowww its THE truth! :P

Apparently, coincidentally, and MIRACULOUSLY.. The laboratory department in HUKM where i was posted for almost a month now SMELLS like the hallways of PS/IS 217, my middle school in New York. I'm not kidding. Even the emergency lane outside on a rainy day smelled like the streets of New York and Paris. And due to allll thisss, my mind kept on rerunning past memories of how it was back then.

School was always somethin' to look forward to back then. I never hated school, or felt like i didn't wanna go (unlike nowadays, i feel like not going to class EVERY SINGLE DAY ahhahaha). I remembered the first day we got our lockers. I was SOOOO EXCITED!! Mine was next to this guy i used to have a crush on.. hahhaha chomell sanaaat :P Anywho, i was soo excited about my locker that i've cut pictures of my fav cartoons and friends to put in the locker. Yea, I used to have a thing for Digimon, Gundam Wing and Sailormoon time tu HAHAHAHAHA. Come on, havin' the power to save the world and transform into all these cool characters, who wouldn't?? hahahaha :P Yeaaa, berani laaa kan kacau aku time show dia start, mmg kene sebijik! I was so fanatic over sailormoon, that i created an RPG website about it, and named it "The Sailormoon Headquarters". Guess how many members i had? over 100! hahahaha i'm no Mark Zuckerberg, but to achieve somethin' like that at the age of 10, over SAILORMOON?, in those days, i must say, i'm quite impressed HAHAHA. So what we'd usually do is, simply BERANGAN. Macam rpg laa, create our own enemy, buat cerita and discuss strategies on how to defeat what.. and considering i was the FOUNDER of the headquaters, i just had to be Sailormoon.. hahahhahahahahahhahaha!!

School started at 8:15 in those days. And my mom would usually wake me up around 6 ish. There was only one room in our apartment, so my sister and I had to sleep on an inflated bed for a year or so lol. So kalau liat je bangun pagi tu, my mom would just deflate the bed, and that'll just spoil my whole morning.. hahahaha. So after i take my bath, and was about to put on my clothes and stuff, i'd usually time it by playing a song on our CD player. No, no back street boys nor spice girls, where a 10 year old at that time should be listenin' to, none of that. Instead, i had on Enya, and Dave Grusin's mountain dance.. HAHAHAHA!! So bile dah sampai part2 tertentu of the song, i know i should be combing my hair, pakai sweater by then.. and bila habes je lagu tu, i should be all ready for school jugak.. and if i was still not ready, i know i'll be late.. hahahahahha yeaaa.. once i'm all done, i'll have breakfast, waffles with maple syrup usually, and my dad would walk us to school... That's how i usually would start my day :)

Life then.. I'd do anythin' to relive even just 10 minutes of it.. huhu Here's Dave Grusin's Mountain Dance hahaha with pictures of New York.. :) eNJOY :)

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