Monday, January 17, 2011

"Asleep, nobody is a hypocrite"

My first week of being 22, and i've learned two life facts.

1. Everybody hates HYPOCRISY.

2. Everybody is a hypocrite.

Hahaha no surprise there i guess?
Yes darling.
She's a hypocrite,
he's a hypocrite,
they're hypocrites,
you're a hypocrite,
i'm a hypocrite,
and if you're denying this,
you're the biggest hypocrite
(gaya Jet Black sket hahaha :P..)

But see, what differs tho,
is the level of hypocrisy.
And that's for us to evaluate on our own..

If you think you're on a bit of the high side of it,
and you ain't liking the fact,
Here's a tip for you.

Talk less about others.
Talk less about what you hate or despise.
Talk less about what you're sooooo good at and be all boastful about it.
Talk less about your whole life to people who don't matter.
Talk less about things that you shouldn't be saying.
Talk less about....
ya know whuuttt,
just talk LESS.
THERE hahaha :P

Sometimes, you just say too much, express too much for your own good that it simply attracts many perceptions. Too many that majority of it ain't even true, which would create random assumptions that don't tally with your actions/opinions, thus making YOU the biggest freak ass hypocrite of them all in the eyes of so many people!!! :O :O :O!!

Sape yang susah? Kau jugakk.. Dok berdrama laa, kata org menyibuk nak ambil tau semua pasal hidup kau, bla bla blaa.. hahaha the spot light's on you, and sape pressure? Kau jugakk.. but rethink, sapa yang suluh spotlight tu ke arah kau? who's to be blamed? Who spurred it all first? COME ON!! Answer me!! hahahahhaha i caaan't heaaar uuuuu.. hahahaha Y.O.U. Yes. EXACTLY!! You want that to change, YOU gotta change first.. Hey, im no perfect girl, this goes to me, too. And im not here to tell anyone to do anything. I'm just here to help lol Take it or leave it :D

As for those who think you're on the low bit, feelin' like u gotta raise the hypocrisy baaar a bit higher, KEEEP onnnn hypocrite-ing.
We hate it!

but its nevertheless
of an entertainment,
i must dearly say.. hahahhaha!!!

God Bless! :D

ps: This goes out to everybody. Including myself :) If you feel like its about you from me personally, i'm sorry i made it that way, tapi for the sake of man kind, jangan prasan boleh takk? LOLS :D

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