Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First attempt!

So i was conversing with one of my loyal readers, and he pointed out an obvious fact which i didn't quite have the time to realise until it was pointed out. And he was right, it sure has been awhile since i give my blog them longgggggg posts i used to write. He said i've turned to become more poetic instead lol. Am not sure if thats a good thing, or a bad thing, but the fact remains solid and true, it has most definitely been awhile. Truth is, i think i've lost that mojo i had in writing posts as such. Or haven't I? i dont know. I'm pretty much, confused! But i'm eager to find out the answer though, and so let this post be my first attempt at it! Wish me luck :P

First impressions can be very deceiving, you know, and i've been witnessing a lot of that lately. One of the most prominent cases would be of this particular girl. I didn't quite have THE introduction when i was introduced to her at first. Considering the stories i've heard about her, and how she's on the bad side of someone who's very close to me, i was introduced to her with a very unpleasant feeling. Even before she could say a word, i was all set to make her as insignificant as possible in my life, and that she would never matter to me in any way. Or at the very least, thats what i thought. Of course, after that, she eased in, and i did see her good sides, yet i was still firm with myself that this girl was the girl that made my closed friend uneasy, and she can never be more than that

Only later in life did i get to know of all these random act of kindness she loves to do huhu. Things i've never heard anyone else, regardless of how nice i feel that person is, do, unlike this particular girl. I was told that whenever she's at the post-office, or at any centres that would require for her to take a number, she would take two, so that when her number is called, she'll give the other number to some random old person so that he or she wouldn't have to wait that long for his or her turn huhu. When i heard this, i can't help myself but to feel surprised at first for i've never thought of doing that at all.. and then comes the guilt for thinking of her in such a way at the beginning.. and glass full of inspiration. I was inspired by her story alright, and not that many could inspire me. Not even that close friend of mine who i was trying to defend for at first. At that particular moment, all the negativity i had towards her disappear into thin air. And it got me to realise of how first impressions can be sooo soo wrong..

But the deception of first impressions aren't all as happy ending as this case that i've just told you about. Some started off with good impressions, only to end up being that effin' pain in your ass lol. Oh, i've experienced a lot of that as well. But lets keep it at that with no examples, i'm afraid itd be too obvious, and people would make a huge fuss out of it.. lol

Speaking of people making huge fusses out of something thats purely irrelevant to them, thats been happening a lot as well!!!! And i freakin'ly despise situations like that. For me, i would try not to meddle with anything thats not regarding me. I respect other people's privacy. Unfortunately, not all people are like this. Some just feels like they need to be apart of everything. Like they need to have a say to everything. Like why must you be crampin' everywhere? Create your own zone, and stay there. You should appreciate your privacy as well. Some even think whatever they say is entertaining, that it makes people around him or her happier, when the fuckin' truth is, all you do with your words is only to create more negativity. See, when you don't have anything better to say, do the world a favour, stop being so full of yourself and shut it will ya? Just shut it. Simple. Why make your life hard? Why make your existence a nuisance to others? lol. Or are you thaaat insecure to be making a fool out of people around you so you get to feel superior? Dude, if thats the case, you got problems lol. My dad told me, that when matters not regarding you comes along, when matters that share no significant value or any hint of importance to you, shove it away. Give them the wave of goodbye and continue forward. Whoever doesnt do so, they're just plain idiots, and you should not associate yourself with idiots.

Kayhh, hahaha ter-emo pulak pagi2 ni.. maybe its this hunger my tummy is suffering from at the moment lol. Anywho, i've a meeting in say 20 minutes, and i've gotta run. I guess the mojo is still in me somewhere. Perhaps all i need to do is a bit of polishing to get back on track! Woo hoo! lol.. @_@''

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