Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crossing paths with Alexi Murdoch

Have you heard of this talented singer before? I've known of him for years, but he's been appearing more than usual in my life recently lol, his songs i mean, not him :P and so this post shall be a whole tribute to him :) I love his songs. They're relaxing, and his voice is just dope! I'm not kidding.. It gets you floating.. it really does.. especially if you're a girl hahaha! :) and it totally suits the melody that goes with it... I personally love listening to his songs while i'm taking a steady jog, or a bus ride, alone.. :) Enjoy! :)

If y'all a real steel fan, this might sound familiar :) But really, its been around for years already.. This would be my personal favourite from him :) Totally love his guitar playing huhu..

This would be about a father who has just passed away i think. I love the lyrics to it.. Felt it to the deepest core alright huhu :)

Totally love the peculiar progressions he uses in this song. It sounded weird at first, but,, when it comes together, everything just makes sense lol.. Gahh, i wish i could play the guitar like he can..

Imagine listening to this, while u're cruisin' on the highway, at night, with your window half down, and the moon shining brightly above you.. Don't forget to breathe folks ;)

This reminds me of New York.. huhu, kayh, lets not talk about or i'll get all emotional.. hahaha :)

And this was the background ending music to the movie "Gone Baby Gone", which would be personally my 2nd favourite from him :)

To those who celebrates deepavali, Happy Deepavali!!! Perhaps these tunes ain't the upbeat songs for such a celebration lol, but ah well, hope y'all enjoy them anyway ;)

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