Monday, October 10, 2011

Merapu jap :P

I was suppose to attend this photography session this morning,
but i guess i was just not in the mood to dress up,
and so i skipped it,
and had my own photography session hahahaha

vain tahap max,
i know.

But see, u don't really NEED to dress up to have a photo taken.
or even take a bath for that matter....
and you still look finneeeeee

I mean,
Code 2 kot! Gile malassss weyh..
lagi2 hari yang tade class..
pemalas tahap max Yasmin ni,
i know

But, SO WHAT if i am..
I'm just satisfied with the decision that i made
and thats what matters in life..

Life ain't much about what you do,
ain't much about who you are.
Its about that feeling you get after you've decided on something,
its about what you feel towards who you are.

Lemme give you an example,
or exampleS rather.
Lee is a business man,
and he has all the money that he wants in this world,
and yet he feels empty.
making all of whatever he has

Abu is a doctor.
Everybody looks up to him, finds him noble,
kind hearted.
He earns enough,
yet he feels drained,
he's depressed,
and when everybody thinks he's living his life,
nobody knows that whenever he gets home,
the first thing he'll do is to watch reruns of Cake Boss on AFC,
thinkin' of how he regretted not being bold enough to pursue his dreams..
how he regretted not choosing to be a chef than a doctor,
when he was offered such an option years back.

Donte is a fishmonger.
He works in smelly markets,
selling fish of different kinds.
He doesn't earn much.
People look down on him.
When truth is,
with the job he has,
he gets to make trips to the sea,
experience the underwater world
see things people dont see everyday,
and he just loves it.
He's passionate about it.
He knows every kind of fish there is.
Even the insignificant scales on the fish seem remarkable to him.
And regardless of what people may say,
what people may think of him,
he is satisfied with who he is,
and what he does for a living.
And although things aren't always comfortable,
things aren't always easy,
but at the very least,
these hardships he goes thru,
they're all WORTH IT
It drives him to be better
And it makes him feel good.

Now tell me,
which life would you rather have?

I used to think of things that way.
I used to think that a successful life,
is a life full of right choices.
Right by other people's terms.
But in truth,
YOUR life is not about others.
its about YOU.
And whats right for you,
would be something that would make you feel better in the end,
would be something that would drive you to be better,
something that would give you satisfaction,
and happiness.
You come first before others,
because at the end of the day,
you'll be feeling it all.
Not these people.

you dont have these options.
or so you think.
When truth is
its not about having options,
its about making your own options.
and when there's a will,
there's always a way.

So if you feel good at doing art rather than being an engineer,
If you feel like wearing a pink shirt today than the normal black,
and in my case,
if you dont feel like going to a photography session,
don't go.

Panjang merapu ni hahaha.. Have an awesome tuesday everybody :)
and i should be takin' my bath now.. lol :P


  1. I love this post so much! Gonna put this on my blog. WELL WRITTEN! :)