Monday, October 17, 2011


when incapability and confusion hits you,
you'd think you could overcome it,
and so you try to,
and try,
and try,
until you're just drained.
until all thats left is a feeling of uselessness,
drilling into that heart of urs.

you say things in public to not only share with people,
to not only inspire people,
But to just put it out there,
to make it real,
to remind YOURSELF,
how things are,
or should be,
or how you want it to be.
When truth is,
its all just talking.
When the truth is,
u're not even sure if its true..
You just wanna be sure that it is.
You just wanna believe,
so you put it out there..
and so you hope that it is..
you have faith that it is..
giving urself a kind of assurance,

But assurance waivers..
it flickers.

when all assurance fade,
you tend to lose sight of your purpose.
and so you wander around looking for it.

They say failure is not when you fall,
its when you fall and you can't get back up.

These two feet are just tired
The heart is just exhausted.

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