Tuesday, November 15, 2011

20 things you didn't know about sausages

So yea, i was reading my most favourite magazine EVER, DISCOVER.. and i came across many interesting things as always (DISCOVER has yet to fail me lol), and when i say many interesting things, i do mean MANY. Oh and by the way, this is about to be one of my geeky posts that i think has been MIA for quite a while.. not sure if thats a good thing, or a bad thing lol.. but yea, im just giving y'all a heads up. Very thoughtful, i know lol. So to those who are not into it, can skip this lol. Nah, i'm not offended, it ain't my loss anyway :P

For example, do you know that Virgin airlines is actually on its way to provide the first commercial space travel service? They're calling it Virgin Galactic. And they've actually come up with the craft design for it. Heck, its already being built and going on test runs as we speak, with more than 440 customers plunking down deposits for a seat to board this spaceship. For those aeronautic-maniacs (i know ONE in particular lol and i hope he's reading this :P), do check it out :) Imagine telling your kid one day, "We ain't goin to Disney Land this hols, kids. More of like to the freakin' moon. WHOOPEY!" haha and thats somewhere around the corner folks :)

And do you know that they've actually come up with a synthetic version of a spider web that is tougher than steel fiber? Ideal for tendon replacements, sutures and lightweight textiles. Imagine what we can achieve with such a discovery. And they produce it via the well known cloning technology that we, biomeds, kept having to memorize every freakin' term, by inserting the spider web gene into our fav bacteria, E.coli. How amazingly simple is that? Which got me into thinking, discovering something magnificent doesn't really have to start from a bombastic idea. Sometimes, these little thoughts, these what seemingly small ideas at first, these whispering intuitions can actually bring you somewhere :)

There was also another article, that spoke of our subconscious mind. And if you've been reading and not skipping my geeky posts, u know how im well intrigued by the wonders of our minds lol. It was interesting. It stated of how and i quote, "you are not consciously aware of the vast majority of your brain's ongoing activities," and here's the interesting part "-- nor would you want to be aware of it, it would interfere with the brain's well-oiled processes" haha and its true! For example, the best way to get out of breath is to think about your breathing.. Imagine if we're well aware of our diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contracting while wanting to take a breath, imagine us HAVING to be well aware of it in order to take a breath.. sheeshh, i dont think we can even sleep! huhu Sometimes, our unconscious mind tends to know better, and certain things are best being done naturally. I've always believed that unconsciously, i know more than i think i do hahahaha! And no, ni bukan nak sedapkan hati or anything ehh.. baik sikit.. hahaha. For example, have you experienced a moment where you're given a question, and optional answers, and somehow you believe strongly that A is the answer, like your heart is screaming out A A A A, but you can't seem to figure out WHY you're telling yourself its A.. lol.. have you? I believe that our mind tends to connect things unconsciously, creating a logic that we've yet to assess. Like our motor functions.. Our brain coordinates in its own ways, creating a fluid motion, that our mind can never assess specifically at that particular moment. Only centuries later after Adam took his first breath, did we really figure out the mechanism of it all. Now take that logic, and apply to strings of knowledge and intelligence that we acquire everyday. Imagine the connections that are already there but are yet to be known. And imagine if we can enhance these connections thats creating itself, imagine the amount of logic we'll get in the end, imagine the things we can do huhu wow.

And of course, nothing excites me more than food lol which brings us to this article that i feel like sharing with yous out there :P "The 20 Things You Didn't Know About Sausage" by LeeAundra Keany.

here's the link to it. Enjoy!! :D

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