Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let me tell you something about courage..

Let me tell you something about courage..

It ain't just about being strong,
It aint just about being tough,
It ain't just about being brave..

Its also about being humble,
humble enough to admit to your own weaknesses,
acknowledge that they exist,
and give space within yourself to let them grow,
grow into a sculpture of art to be appreciated,
a scripture to refer..

Its also about being fragile,
fragile enough that you allow a particular something to mean a whole lot to you,
a particular something to shine so significantly within your heart,
a particular something for you to hold on to,
for you to believe in..
for you to have faith in,
up to a point where
you'll fight for it with all your heart,
stand by it with all your strength,
regardless of what happens..

It is also about acceptance,
accepting the fact that hey, perhaps we might be wrong,
accepting the fact that everybody is equal,
with equal rights,
everybody deserves to be heard,
to be considered before being judged by us,
everybody deserves a chance
and it is not of our power to take all of that from them,
unless if they want us to.
But really, whatever for?

Its also about having fear,
fear that you might not get what you want,
fear that your life is without purpose,
and that you don't want that to happen to you at all,
Its about having fear,
and recognizing it
so that you'll be able to adapt.
So that you'll be able to face it.

Its also about being able to love yourself for who you are,
love yourself for who you are not,
embracing the differences that you have in you if compared to others,
the differences that are not meant to be despised by you,
but instead, to be embraced,
for thats what will set you apart from the crowd,
and thats one of the reasons why you are here.
You are here to be different.
That's just who you are

Let me tell you something about courage..

Being at the front line of a war doesn't make you courageous enough,
its the reason that brought you to the front line and standing up for this reason
that marks true courage,
and only a courageous person would admit to his reasons,
understand them,
and believe in them..
with all of his or her heart..


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