Friday, November 11, 2011


Perfection is impossible,
and yet people crave for it,
people crave for things to last,
people crave for this so called everlasting sense of happiness,
have you ever wondered why?

It ain't like we've experienced it before in this life to crave for it,
it ain't like things are perfect in this world,
things are never perfect,
they never last either,
and yet its like we know how it feels like,
and yet its like we know how perfection is
and we want it so badly..

and its like,
we're used to it..
we're used to perfection,
we're used to things to last forever..
and we're so so used to it,
that when things don't turn out perfect in this world,
that when things don't last forever,
we break.
we break like our heart has been torn,
like this one true hard fact that was once carved in our hearts had to be erased,
that it becomes so hard for us to accept imperfection,
accept temporariness.
Have you ever wondered why?

They say listen to the heart,
and what we feel deeply,
it never lies.
We crave for perfection and forever
because we were used to perfection once,
we were used to things lasting forever,
its because we were once from a place of perfection,
a place where nothing can go wrong,
where perfection is an effortless occurrence,
that just flows naturally.
and we belong there.
That is our true home.
That is our everlasting perfection that we crave for so much in this world,
everlasting assurance,
an everlasting perfection that can never exist here.
and because of that,
truly we don't belong here.
here, is just a junction,
a labyrinth,
a maze.
A thorn-full maze that we enter blindly,
get scarred so badly,
with only a map of hope,
a lamp of wisdom,
and a shield of faith.

And one day,
we will exit this maze,
leaving our existence like it was a speck of dust,
floating in the blowing wind.
We will exit this maze,
hoping to find home.

So its not a matter of perfection being impossible,
for we had a taste of it once,
it just doesn't exist here,
it belongs elsewhere,
and apparently
so do we.

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