Sunday, December 25, 2011

Being vain once in awhile wouldn't hurt..

So I was pretty bummed out for having to spend my ‘Christmas Holiday’ tomorrow with a bunch of needles and rats (don’t ask what I’ll be doin.. But I’m pretty sure pinky and the brain ain’t gonna like it hahaha :P).. And I was browsing thru my previous posts which I gotta boldly admit that they’ve been quite depressing and serious lately.. haven’t they? Like.. whatever happened to the fun and crazy side of Yasmin??? Well, she’s still here alright.. stiiiiilll here! And tonight, to kill the effin’ boredom, that side of hers felt like vain-ing. Most probably not a sight most of ya’ll would wanna witness, but hey, its my blog… So fuck y’all haters out there coz I don’t give a shit.. Merry Christmas!! PUHHHEEACEEEE!

Good to know i can still make myself happy all on my own... alhamdulillah! :)