Thursday, December 15, 2011

A random moment

And so,
I walked in the rain today.
Alone and torn,
I walked in the rain without a concern.

And its of these isolated moments,
flashes of past memories,
they came knocking down the barriers of one's mind.

Rain was never a problem in Coleraine,
We walked in the rain everyday Najwa and I.
We walked in the rain everyday and we got used to it.

Its a miracle, the works of adaptation, really.
Imagine life without adaptation,
We humans would perish at the slightest of conflicts.
Perish and can never stand back up.

Imagine life without adaptation,
You and I,
we wouldn't be here.
We wouldn't be walking down streets
because there'll be people walking against us,
We wouldn't be exploring the world because its not pavement-ed like the floors of our homes,
because at some parts,
you'll find grass,
You'll find grass
and you'll freak out,
At some parts,
You'll find sand,
At some parts,
You'll find mud that snuggles your feet an inch deep whenever u take a step in,
You'll find all sorts of surfaces,
You'll find all sorts of surfaces but you can't adapt.
And for not being able to adapt,
means not being able to tolerate,
it means to not have that space to accept differences
and without tolerance,
we can never move forward.

We live in a diverse world,
Each and everyone of us,
We're meant to be different from one another.
Situations are meant to be different from one another.
If you're hoping for everybody to be just like you,
to think just like you,
then i suggest you live on an island,
where population is 1,
where everybody,
is you.

But if you're thinking of living in this world,
Instead of fighting diversity,
You embrace it.
Instead of fretting how life constantly changes,
Learn from it.
Learn from these changes.
Adapt to it,
conquer it,
and make it YOUR scene.
Accept the fact that people do things for their own reasons.
And don't just learn of the things they do,
Have that space to understand why.
And you'll find answers that'll make your heart grow stronger,
and your mind grow wiser.

I remembered a significant person in my life,
One who pulled a stunt that shook the world.
A stunt that set a barrier between the past and present.
And unfortunately, i was part of the past.
And uptill today, people ponder on why,
people assume, and talk like they know everything.
As their eyes blared and their mouths spat in motions of confidence,
they talk like they know everything,
I tend to talk, too.
But really, deep deep down,
i believe she had her reasons.
Reasons we may not understand,
Reasons that made her choose the life she has now,
and that would give her the future she's meant to have.
And i believe it'll be a bright one for her.
I miss her very much though.

I walked in the rain today,
alone and torn,
and i keep walking.

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