Sunday, December 11, 2011

Phases of life

I believe,
that every time you go through a phase in life,
you'll be making a discovery about yourself.

These phases,
like jigsaw puzzle pieces,
they'll be adding themselves to your picture,
revealing whats truly you the more you experience them.
uncovering your true colours,
discovering who you really are.

And while they build you,
You'll be meeting people along the way,
other people who's with their own incomplete portrait hanging around their necks,
trying to find those out there,
who can understand them,
who can accept that incomplete picture,
who can interpret it for them,
make sense of it for them,
just like you with your own incomplete portrait.
And the key of understanding,
is to have certain pieces that could connect with one another.

To find someone that has enough pieces to understand you and accept you,
takes a lot of mathematics.
Allah's mathematics.
One that factorizes time,
differentiates experiences,
multiplies desire, feelings, and passion,
and divides principles, and faith.
The kind of mathematics that our brain cannot even begin to ponder the works of it.

And to have actually found someone along the way
with enough pieces to understand you,
and accept you for who you are,
even if its a temporary thing,
is truly a blessing.
Making everything that you've been through,
worth it.

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