Thursday, February 23, 2012


One after another,

they come one after another,

hitting me like thunder,

hitting me like there's no other

You there,

you tell me somethin',

when is it all gonna change?

when is it all gonna settle?

when are things gonna get better?

Coz let me tell you somethin',

this heart is on its fall,

these legs are on to a crawl,

these knees can no longer stand tall

They say things will get better for those who Wait,

Yo, i aint got the time to wait,

coz i've been on a wait,

on a too long of a wait.

They say to persevere,

Man, Thats exactly what i did here,

and guess what, my effin' self is still here,

movin' to nowhere but here.

Its just frustrating is all,

I think i've given my all,

what else is in need?

tell me what more do you need?

What more do they need?

What more do i need?

what more do i need?

But deep down i know,

this is just one of His puzzles,

His puzzles that i have pieces to,

His puzzles that He knows i'm able.

Yea, able to solve,

able to mend,

able to breathe,

able to stand again.

He knows I'm able,

and I know i am.

Arghh FD frustration shit,

imma go to bed,

so long good night,

Oh and lisa,

i hope ull enjoy being wed.

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