Tuesday, February 28, 2012



My dear world,

What has become of you?

What have we done to you?

I look at you,

and my heart aches.

I look at the people you hold within you,

and my heart aches even more.

Shouldn't we be living with honesty and sincerity?

But now all i see is greed and animosity.

What on earth has happened to your priorities?

Why has it all being mixed up with corruptivity?

I just don't get it,

Whats the point of having things when you're hurting others while you're at it?

Your heart will never be at peace,

It will never be satisfied nor enough,

that i can promise.

Enough with your lies and schemes,

Enough with boasting around your stupidity,

We know how idiotic you are, trust me,

and I'm sick and tired of witnessing it all already.

Enough is enough i say,

Let's make this world a better place to stay,

A place where our children are free to play,

Where all of us feel at peace to pray.


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