Sunday, February 12, 2012

Its a brand new day..

They keep on coming,
The what ifs,
The Should haves,
They keep on coming,
They keep on streaming,
and all you want at that particular moment,
is for these thoughts to stop flowing.

So you set yourself for slumber,
only to be shocked by the shout of timber,
as thoughts seep into your dreams,
your nightmares became as real as it seemed

Your slumber became dark,
too dark that it woke u up,
thinking that that will make it all feel better,
but all you feel is the heart turning bitter.

This bitterness,
it feels so familiar,
And i thought i promised myself,
never to ever again put myself here.

But with familiarity,
comes ideas to persevere.
And ignorance seemed an option so clear,
rise back up, and move along dear.

Move along to what is certain,
push away of everything that is not,
Images, thoughts, they're not real until they happen,
And so leave them be, oh i hope they'll rot

And as the sun's beam seep thru the corner of your eye,
trying to get your attention,
you walk out the door,
and notice the clear sky.

and then you remember where you are,
what you have,
what you're capable of,
and you know that when all of this is over,
you'll be okay.

What happened yesterday,
fuck it,
coz guess what?,
its a brand new day :)

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