Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inspiring bits from the lives of people i dont know..

"Today, exactly one year after my son passed away, as I was cleaning more of his things out of his room, I found a note card in one of his desk drawers that had usernames and passwords for various online accounts. I just logged into his Gmail account to find that his ex-girlfriend has been sending him multi-paragraph emails every single day since he passed."

"Today, I found out that one of my close friends died overseas in the Army. I was barely holding back my tears as I walked home from work when I looked up to see a teenage boy walking toward me. He had a post-it note stuck to the center of his t-shirt that said, “Smile.” The ‘i’ in “Smile” was dotted with a heart. He saw me looking at it, grinned, turned the other way for a few seconds, and then turned back around holding the post it note out so he could stick it to my shirt. I let him place it on my shirt. It wasn’t until I got home and took the post-it note off that I realized the post-it note he put on my shirt said, “You’re Beautiful.” The ‘i’ in “Beautiful” was dotted with a smile face. It made me smile for the first time all day."

"Today, it’s been five years since I was severely beaten up by three bullies at a college party for stopping them from trying to bring a drugged girl home with them. I lost a tooth, received two black eyes and severely bruised ribs from the incident, but I stopped them. This girl was my crush for three years but had never noticed me as boyfriend material until that night. When I woke up in ICU 12 hours after I was beaten up, she was sitting beside my bed, asleep while holding my hand. Since then, we've been steadily dating for five years and are engaged to be married. Who says nice guys finish last?"

"Today, I was feeling very down while heading out to a family dinner. I was in the back seat of the car with my 12-year-old brother who's never affectionate to me. My boyfriend had just dumped me, but I didn't want to tell my family yet. While I sat in the car with my sunglasses on to cover my tear filled eyes, my little brother looked at me a few times and then reached over and held my hand for the rest of the car ride."

"Today, on our ten year wedding anniversary, my middle school/high school sweetheart wrote me a love letter for the very first time. The final sentence reads, “I love you more every day, and I’m so proud to say we’ve been inseparable since we were velociraptors wrecking havoc on the playground so many moons ago"

And this would be my favourite huhu

"Today, I received this text message from my finance’: “I want this too. I want all of it. I want the pointless bickering, the long walks, the late night phone calls, the good morning texts. I want cute pictures with you, to hold your hand, to make food for you, to call you baby. The joking, the wrestling, the fights, the long ‘how I feel’ text messages on the days we aren’t on the same page. I want to be one of those inseparable best friend couples that people are like ‘you’re still together?’ That’s what I want. With you."

At one point in life, i've lost faith in people. I thought its best to live alone. If you're any one of my loyal readers, you'd probably have noticed that too.. :) But, then i went to ireland, and met with one of the most motivating person i've ever encountered, and he told me that there's always a reason why God created us with each other. A few months after, i met this guy. And i remembered we were at Pullman, after a jog, when he told me the same thing. We're here to inspire one another. We're here to make each other better huhu. Its amazing really..

And now, i've come to realise, how true their words were.. huhu..

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