Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Again - Bruno Mars ft Natasha Bedingfield (Piano cover by Me)

I tend to relate phases of my life with songs. Almost every particular portion of my life would have a particular song to it, so that when i listen to the song one day later, i'll be remembered of that particular moment.

A certain somebody recommended me this, and the moment i heard it, i knew i would want this to remind me in the future of the happenings that are happening at this very moment. And so, i decided to create a piano cover to it hehe. I did mess up a few parts, as usual, and i apologize in advance if it spoils the whole thing lol. Bt i think this is good enough for now. Here's to that person who recommended to me this song.. It'd be nice if you can sing to it.. dont worry, ill make sure there won't be any flowers around when you do so.. hahahaha! :P Enjoy!

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