Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make now happen

Composed and collected,
One may appear,
Yet the truth is,
She is filled with fear.

Fear of what may happen,
What may come her way,
Fear of losing,
what money can't pay,
People can't buy,
Fear of wanting,
what's not meant for her,
Oh how she hates goodbyes

They say cut away your attachments,
as many as you can,
live alone,
live freely alone,
by your own will,
your own rules,
your own mind,
your own heart.

So that when you fall,
you know there won't be anyone there.
When you fall,
You pull your own parachute made of vines and drapes,
When you fall,
You won't be searching for anyone's help.
When you fall,
you pull yourself up.
You pull yourself up.
Because you know no one is there,
Because you made sure no one's there,
Because you would only depend on only yourself
Because you're so used to that.

But no man is an island,
And there's a reason for that,
No man is an island,
For we're continents,
linked by steel bridges,
connected by words,
All trying to project an understanding.

No man is an island,
for we need each other,
To set examples,
To inspire our lost souls,
We were made that way.
He made it that way.
And there will always be a reason to that.
No man is island,
because we can't help ourselves

The future conjures so many possibilities,
and the past events are like scars of remembrance,
constantly reminding us,
the bittersweet taste of it all.

Thinking of things can be very exhausting sometimes.

But what happened in the past,
and what determines the future,
Now is the time to evaluate,
and analyze,
to see what is right for u,
Now is the time you set things right,
Now is the time for you to be in control,
to take charge.
Now is YOUR time.
Now is when you decide how things should be,
Now is when you can make a change,
Now is when you can make an impact.
Now is important.
Now is worth it.
Make now happen.

Make now happen.

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