Monday, August 15, 2011



Words are constructors.
Building bridges between two unlikely things,
two unlikely beings,
two unlikely minds,
two unlikely hearts.
Creating a common interest,
a common understanding.

Words are linkers,
Linking pieces of a puzzle,
To obtain that one big picture,
And to decide what emotions to feel
at a particular given situation,
To be shared with others,
For others to see,
Exactly what you see,
For others to feel,
Exactly what you feel

Words are demolishing.
Destroying and bombing down sturdy monuments,
As if the walls and metal structures were made of paper,
Paper that'll fly away with an unsettling wind,
Like the past didn't mean a thing.

Words are blades,
Blades that are sharp enough to cut confidence into pieces,
Slice dignity into strips of waste,
Puncture souls that bleed forever.
Leaving scars that would take a lifetime to heal,
or maybe more.

Words are keys,
Keys to worlds beyond our own imagination,
Worlds that offer sacred hopes and faith,
Flooring on trust and honesty.
Some of these worlds are only to be reserved for oneself,
Some have their gates open to only certain people with authority.
But who'd known these open gates welcome not only companionship,
But severe vulnerability as well

I've always been amazed by what words can do,
How they could make you feel like the most valuable person in one second,
And all shitty in the next.
How they could move the nation to greater heights,
and then conjure wars among each other.
How they're a giver, giving all hopes that's too tempting to not be infected by it,
Only to crush all them hopes into shards of broken glass for you to step on.
Its like they give you wings to fly,
and then throw a lighting bolt at them once you soar the skies.
Words are capable of doing that alright.
They are so capable of doing that
that sometimes, it makes me feel as if its better to not feel like u're the most valuable person in the first place,
as if its better to not admit that u could reach greater heights,
that its better to not believe in these uncertain hopes,
or perhaps to not fly at all.

As how confident i would use words to share the view from this window of mine,
As how comfortable i am with them when sharing my thoughts and feelings with others,
I'm afraid of giving false hopes,
Words tend to give false hopes.

I'm well terrified to believe in the words that come by themselves to greet me as well,
to invite me for a view from another window.
Im afraid of losing sight of whats real and losing my grip by words,
i've been down that road once,
I wish to never revisit it again.

But you'll never know when you'll be losing sight until you do,
You'll never know when you'll hit rock bottom until you can no longer go any lower,
You'll never know...

Words are keys,
Keys to heaven and hell.
May Allah show me guidance huhu..

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