Friday, August 19, 2011

One of em random adventures :)

So i woke up one morning, and i told myself..

"I think i'm going to Singapore tomorrow"

Yup, it was that random lol. Told my mom and dad about it, they bought me tickets.. and before you know it, i was on a green bus to Singapore lol! And the best part of it all aside from it being random, was me going ALONE! :P You know how much i love going on these random adventures alone :)

No, i'm not gonna tell you guys exactly what happened in Singapore lol u know i'm not that kind of blogger who puts up posts on what she does on this day, and that day, bla bla bla :P But i am gonna write about what i got in return from the whole trip. Its what they called, perspective :)

It was after buka, when Aiman and i were goofin' around as always. Oh this kid was one hyperactive nut alright. He was climbing on my back, stepping on my feet like 'transformers' or so he claimed hahaha, givin' my hair a bit of style inspired by this bush around the corner of his house perhaps, cozz gurrlllll (or boy if you're one haha :P), it became all bushy alright hahaha.. I was truly drained! lol. But regardless of how exhausted i became, it didn't matter. I love playing with Aiman :)

And so where were we? Ah yes, goofin' around, so we were goofin' around. And all of a sudden, he came up with this guessing game.
Its sorta like charades i guess, but its just a one-word thing rather than having to figure out the whole sentence of it. So it was on one of this kid's turn that he took a pillow in one hand, made a fist in the order, and was jumping on sofas in a particular interval.


"hhahaha eee mana adee!!"

Crap. i knew i was gonna lose this round hahaha i mean, what could he possibly be if not a monkey? himself? bahahahahaha!! kay kay, joking aiman! lol..

"Kakak Yasmin give up ke?"

"EH noo.. mana ade seyy"


"Okay aiman, what on earth are you? lol"

"Org dayak!! uga-uga!"

pffftttt... hahahahaha and that was what lit up this light bulb cap of mine lol. How diverse, creative and observant kids can be, uptil he could think of picking up a pillow and using it as a tool to add a wee bit of detail to what he had to describe. How fast that particular idea came to him was another thing that i was astounded by as well. And i dont think it takes an intelligent 6 year old brain to do that, i think all of us, once upon a time ago was like him. Every detail meant to us a lot, once upon a time ago. Every detail made us eager to understand more. Every detail made us want to relate to everything else that we know.

Unfortunately though, as we grow older, we tend to ignore this gift of ours. Ignorant, we became, and now we're missing out the details. We're missing out the fun to understand things, to WANT to understand things. Instead, we do things just because we have to do them, and WAIT for something to happen to us, to spark that interest again. We've become pathetic. hmm...

I love these random adventures.
These adventures that i go on alone.
It makes me see things.
It makes me see things :)


  1. I need to have some solo adventures on my own too. Need that green light! gotta work for it! hee

    btw its been awhile! how have u been? x sempat catch up since u got back!

  2. hahaha YES!! plase do go on solo adventures kak farah.. it'll be a breath of fresh air :)

    I've beeeen gooood alhamdulillah!! BANYAK STORRYY KAYY!! BANYAK!! hahahahha raya nnt please do come over my place :D

  3. sorry meen~ aku still have the ability of the 6 years old~ that is why i'm good at connecting dots! muahahaa