Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Visited an old lover from the past recently,
Worn and old,
there it stood,
under the dark evening sky,
with two poles at each end,
two hoops..
One purpose.

There it stood
the place where once,
both satisfaction and passion intertwined,

How i missed the adrenaline of being in it,
being apart of it,

But that night was not meant for a comeback,
that night was not written for a resurrection,
that night was a moment made to reminisce,
to miss,
to question,
was it right for me to ever leave it in the first place?

I dare not answer,
I dare not ponder,
instead i ran.
I ran around it,
until i couldn't run anymore.
and at the end of it all,
my heart ached.
Its as if it was so close,
yet so far.

My heart ached,
and perhaps that answered my question.
perhaps it knew the answer all this while.
Perhaps i knew the answer all this while.
And its about time to stop denying it.

And while i ran, this put me into the mood that i needed. Thank you flash, for the company :)

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