Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lost at sea

i was once on a rock,
overlooking the beautiful sea,
listening to the sea gulls bark,
as the strong waves hit the shore.
But one thing about living on a rock,
its calming,
So i took a leap of faith,
i jumped into the beautiful bed of blue,
an adventure so i thought,
and an adventure it still is.
What i saw was nothing like living on that rock above,
life in the sea was lighted,
with colours,
with life.
Exploring, i went.
Following where the waves would bring me,
but then it became dark and eerie,
i must have gone too far.
I must head back.
Determination was firm at first,
but the darkness ate my heart,
the darkness ate it all,
until whats left was only faith.
Im lost.
I got myself lost.
Gotta find my way home.
Left or right seems the same to me here at sea,
and i would choose either at random,
with reasons i can't calculate.
So far it has brought me to cities i've never been to,
interestingly mesmerizing,
but empty.
I miss home.
Life on that rock seems appealing now,
overlooking all these mysteries, and not being apart of it.
Sometimes, i wish i didn't jump.
Its wrong to regret,
bt sometimes, just sometimes,
i cant help myself.
Im lost at sea,
ive gotta find my way back.

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