Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's random conversations :)

I was late for class..
But I was not quite concern about my late attendance.
Its been that way ever since class started after raya holidays.
I skipped a whole lot of classes too after raya holidays..
HAHAHAHAHA i guess i'm losing my nerd title? :P

Anyway, so i was walking to the bus stop,
and i stumbled upon a friend of mine.
Alan Cha Ming Han.
He was late, too lol, but i was not surprised.
We started talking,
about studies,
subjects to choose next semester,
and future plans.

Apparently, he was okay with the idea of not having a family.
But his concern was to one day, join 'Doctors without Borders',
as a volunteer.

That has been one of my dreams too,
to visit countries like africa,
the middle east,
and just help out as much as you can you know..

So i was intrigued by his plans,
and he also introduced me to his present plans.
Apparently he is freakin'ly active!
He would join all these programs, talks, conferences,
One of the activities that caught my attention was this saving the turtles program.
He actually stayed at the beach for like a week or so, just to tag turtles, and observe them day and night.. And he would snorkel all day long to watch out for turtles. I dont mind doing that for a living actually! huhu he also mentioned this seahorse preservation program as well. Its somewhere in November. I was thinking of going for that one.

Basically, if you wanna hang out with this guy, you've gotta book him a month earlier or else he wouldn't be free lol. But i'm amazed by him, by his will and capability of joining all these programs. I would love to be the same way. And maybe i should. Now is the time for these things anyway, i'm 21. And i have the whole world to explore, might as well start now kan? And i do have plans. I've always wanted to travel anyway, and from now on, i'll make sure to go somewhere new every sem break.. insyaAllah.. :)

So we got on the bus,
and continued talking along the journey to our faculty,
and we started to talk about expenses..
With all the activities, plus food,
he has calculated to be spending about rm10 per day.
Dat aint bad kan???
Did i mention to you that he's also one of the top scorers in our batch?
Pretty awesome huh.. :)

Later that day, after the prize giving ceremony for the toxicology presentation,
Jason, our group leader decided to treat us McD at bukit bintang..
and all of us went.
On our way home, i kinda had a one on one chat with Jason.
He was worried about his pre reg for next semester.
Apparently he didn't pass the 3 point border, and couldn't register for his electives.
He also said that he was not interested with the course.
I don't blame him,
I felt lost lately as well.
And then i asked him, what exactly does he like to do?
and he answered, "Play"
hahahaha yea, totally the opposite from Alan,
he's more of the laid back type of guy who likes to play around.
and i asked, does he have any hobbies?
He said no, the only thing he loves to do is sit at home, watch tv, and read books.

So these two conversations got me thinking,
about how I wanna spend my years, days, hours,
now that i still have them..
I've been a whole lot of Jason lately,
been skipping classes,
skipping assignments,
have yet to revise a thing..
I kinda lost my passion along the way..
and i feel disgusted with myself ya know..
being this way is so not me..
i mean, its fun tho.. hahaha you get to just float here and there,
without caring lol..
but thats the thing, you'd only float by being that way,
but you can never fly..

I wanna fly..
I wanna do things,
Be someone..
Alan has put a lot of things into perspective for me that day,
he reminded me of what i wanna do..
I want to see the world,
If not by helping or aiding,
i wouldn't mind teaching..
But i've got to have a stronger heart,
I need a stronger heart..
and im working on that..

Oh how i love random things :)

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