Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unspoken words

There are a lot of things left unspoken between us.
Too many things.
I know.
But i wish it didn't have to be that way.
I wish, i could just go to you at any time of the day,
Just to tell you everything.
But even after knowing you for 21 years,
being with you for 21 years,
living with you for 21 years,
I can't do so.

It saddens me sometimes,
Eats me on the inside,
because for not knowing you,
and for you to not know me like you should,
I may have said the wrong things,
I may have not done what i should,
I may have broken your heart when i shouldn't,
I may have sinned..

But just so you know,
Out of everyone that I've met,
Out of everyone that i have or had in my life,
Never has anyone make the most out of me,
like you do.
And this person i am today?
know that it has been shaped mostly,
by you,
and no one else.
Not the bestest friend i have
and ever will have in the whole wide world.
(He's the most awesome guy by the way,
You've chosen well lol.
And i wish we could share the same bond as to how i do with him,
One day perhaps)
And i dont know how that would make you feel,
but its one thing that i'm very proud of having.
It is.

I hope and pray that you'll find peace at heart in this life,
and receive His blessings always
I love you.
I've always had, and forever will.

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