Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real and truth

Randomness has been quite a good friend lately. It got me to see, to listen, to understand, and to consider. And while scanning through thoughts in my head, a question came to mind. Real and truth. Are they of the same thing?

What is real? Real would be something that exists, physically. That makes you feel, that occupies space and time. Truth? Truth is a factual state that is pure. They sound the same don't they? But are they the same? I would say a definite no no.

One way to see it, would be a speculation. A speculation is real. It happens, it occupies time and space, it changes things, it makes people believe. But as how its being defined, a speculation is an opinion or a conclusion based on inconclusive evidence, would it be enough to take it as truth? Same goes for a rumor, or a gossip, they're all real. They're manipulative in their own way, that can make minds think they're real, and so they are. But they're not the truth.

Can it be the other way around? Can truth stand without being real? It can. Through perspectives and ideas, it can. For example, it is the truth, that Allah exists. Signs are all over. And yet to some, He is not real.

Truth is simple. Sturdy and simple. Its something that nothing can bend. You can go around it, over it, but you can never change it. Its like written somewhere, and no one can erase it, and it goes for every single thing. Real, on the other hand, is truly dependent on one's mind. How one's mind evaluate things, see things, feel things. Real is whats REAL to an individual, but it doesn't necessarily imply to everybody else.

Hatred. Say you hate someone for something he or she did. Its real, but say if what you thought that person's intentions weren't the real intentions in the first place, and you end up hating that person forever, judging that person forever, which would lead to fights, wars.. Is it all worth it? All that for something that's not true in the first place?

So it makes you think. What's real to you now, things that are happening around you, people, situations, they seem real dont they? They affect you, make you happy, make you hurt, make you decide. But are they the truth? Are we living by the truth?

Only He knows. And here we are, in the midst of all of it, trying to find our yellow brick road home.

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