Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pain in the neck

I have this stinging pain in the neck and it effin' hurts! lol But obviously, that ain't what i'll be talking about today. Today's topic my fair readers, would be of a term all of us are familiar with. A term some fear, get nightmares from! lol some even get heart attacks by hearing the very first syllable of it. OKay, im exaggerating hahaha. Its this thing thats so freakin' significant in MALAYSIA apparently, and its what we called exams. YES! E. X.A.M.S. lol

So i was scribbling through my answer sheet for haematology a few hours ago, blabbed about leukemia, and how it'll cause normocytic normochromic anemia, thrombocytopenia, blabbed about surface antigens on our erythrocytes, and how we have natural antibodies that could trigger immunological responses if say the.... well you get the picture, and i wouldn't wanna bore u with the details HAHA but newho, i was doing that, and then i stopped half way and thought to myself.. by the end of this whole exam period yea, say by the time i reach 22 which is AROUND THE CORNER ladies and gentlemen, AROUND THE CORNER hahahaha!!, by that time, if say some hobo comes up to me and ask the difference between Von Willebrand Disease and Haemophilia B, i can bet with you 10 bucks that i'd go, "Von Wille WHAT??" hahahahaha and Im not kidding.

This has happened a lot of times! Took parasitology last semester didnt i? yea, and im having trouble spelling lumbercoides already! lumbracoides? or was it lambrucoides? oh FDS! So then, whats the purpose of sitting for the exams in the first place when you'll end up not understanding it again in the future? Familiarity sake? Well, you can gain that by reading. Test your memory? There's always those memory games you can play online, saves you all the night lights u'd turn on to memorise all your notes. Test your capability under pressure? WHYYYY would you wanna torture other people again??? huhuhu Maybe its to test the level of understanding? Perhaps. But would a two hour paper, to test 19 chapters which we had to study in over only a month do it justice??

We watch movies dont we? Scenes in universities, of how lectures give lectures, and students would shoot their hands in the air and ask questions here and there. I was like that once, when i was doing my matriculation program. Why? I was given ample time to appreciate the knowledge that i get, even better, i was motivated to look for extra information. Yes, all the nights i spent in libraries.. i miss those days.. huhu yes, call me a nerd, call me a geek, but i was happy with what i was doing, i was happy studying. But then i entered Uni, thought it be the same. No, i thought it would be better. But having 26 creditted hours per semester? With all the compulsory extra curricular activities i had to complete? That just snaps out all the motivation appreciation shit out of the picture.. and im all frustrated by it.

A lecturer of mine brought up this issue once. She said students nowadays can't seem to appreciate the knowledge given. And she suggested we write down every word she had to say up front so that we could focus more. I just had to laugh when she suggested such a thing. As if that would actually help? What will help though, is that these exams? Abolish them. Instead, do a short quiz at the end of each chapter. That way, we will be able to narrow down our focus, and really focus on that particular thing rather than having the burden of 19 chapters at the end of each semester, and that is only for ONE FREAKING subject. We usually get 8 subjects per semester which is all similarly as heavy. Imagine that. And exams shouldn't be about facts, it should be about perspectives. How students take facts and turn them into a stand. And that would develop maturity alongside with it. Wouldn't that be better?? Rather than having us strenuously memorizing all these facts, puke them out on paper at the day of the exam, and bring along nothing after that. Some of you might say, its possible, if you manage your time properly, understand what you read, and dont memorize them.. but really, is it possible?? Probably, if you dont have a life! I have a life, and I dont think i have any other choice but to memorise the knowledge i gain here, and not appreciate them fully. This saddens me. I dont wanna spend 4 years studying something that i cant gain nething from after that.. huhu

And then there's these people who thinks we're not contributing much during lectures. I agree with these people. We're not contributing much during lectures, its more of a one way communication thing when it should be a two-way learning process. And you know whats the problem? I kept on blaming how we were brought up to be. Yea, i kept on saying how we weren't thought to speak out, things like that. But i dont think thats the case now. I think its coz we ourselves do not have our own stand. So how to speak out when we have nothing to say? And why do we have nothing to say? Simple. Its coz we dont really understand the knowledge, thus we dont appreciate it, much less care about it, which ends up having nothing to say about it, WHICH IS TOTALLY SAD!!! huhuhuhu.. and this is the problem when we have no other choice but to MEMORIZE what we HAVE to know, JUST to pass the FREAKIN' exams, and not really appreciate the knowledge. urrghhh!! Our education system SUCKS. BIG TIME.

And so after having all these thoughts running through my head while i was answering haematology, and then i looked back at the question sheet that was given.. i cant help myself, but to spread a cynical smile across my face.

My neck really hurts.

PS: Its Ascaris lumbricoides btw. lol

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