Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 weeks..

Its been 2 weeks,
and yet the pain has not resided,
Not even an inch,
sometimes i feel as if it hurts more now than before..

They say having faith,
and hold on to yourself will get u thru,
And those two things are the only things that are helping me at the moment,
But having them sometimes make things difficult as well..

All of the things that i love dearly,
simply hurts now..
Cute cartoons,
Recitation of the Quran,
All of them hurt me..
At the sight of them,
Or a whisper of them,
or even a thought..

But i can't stop loving them now can I?
You can never stop loving something,
or someone..
Unless if it comes naturally
And why must I stop?
Its so wrong to stop..
They've made me so myself,
and happy once,

But having them around hurt now..
And letting them go will hurt me worse..

I can't take this anymore..
Its too painful..

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