Thursday, September 30, 2010

uncomfortably fast!!

fact uno: i can blog with my phone now, for free! whhoopppeyy!!!! Hahahaha friends, u're right, mmg ada hikmah i lost my phone :D

fact deux: i cant believe its friday already huhu.. This week has been nothing but HECTIC! Lab sessions were from 9 to 5, basketball practice is immediately after that, and by the time i have time to waste (haha :p), ill be too tired to do anything, and will end up sleeping till the morning. But a whole lot of cool things happened this week. We get to disect rats, and it sure has been awhile lol. Its a mini project to test out the effects of paracetamol (ur panadol) to the liver of rats. Im nt gonna explain everything here, bt if ure interested, do ask n ill be glad to answer! Hahaha :p neway, the freakiest tg was this accident that happened. We were cutting thru the ribs of the rat, to locate the heart, n yes, it was still alive and under anaesthetics. It was suppose to be dead, bt i guess this one was a fighter. A true fighter that he managed to wear off the anaesthetic effects and woke up while it was still opened up and shit. AND IT JUMPED OFF THE FREAKIN TABLE!!! Gilaaa pokok kelapa betul!! I cudnt stand watching it that way, i had to walk away. It was too cruel to witness huhu imagine urself undergoing an operation, and all of a sudden u woke up in the mid of the freakin' operation.. shheeshhh!!! Huhuhu bt it was in a way cool as well lol. Something u won't see everyday folks :p

fact 3 (i forgot how u spell 3 in french :P) : after a month plus, i finally was able to sleep on my own again hehe before ths, i had to commute from home everyday or crash someone's room because of the whole break down thg. Tell me ur proud of me! :D

fact quatre: found my 'justin long' at starbucks yesterday! Lol so yea, paid starbucks a visit to buy cake for a friend's bday, n there he was, entertaining the customer in front of me. He had the looks, all boyish, cute smile (tabley bla analyse anak org hahaha :p), bt i Thought hed be those typical malaysian cashiers ya know, asking u for ur order, this and that.. I was totally wrong. he def was nt typical, n was soo friendly in a professional way that made me felt like i was in the uk buying hot chocolate or somethin'.. He had justin long's vibe alright Hahaha and when it was my turn to order, he straight away asked me if i was from jalan 3.. Holy smack!! Firstly, He recognizes me hahaha n 2ndly, he was from jalan 3. Hw come i didn't knw a guy like that exist in jalan 3??? Hahahaha bt yea, we chatted for a bit, and it really made my day :p

fact qinc: sukem starts tmrw, wish me luck!! Altho ive yet to truly discover my passion towards basketballl again huhuu.

And thats about it for this week! I have two assignments to be submitted today, and i barely did a thg hahaha awesomeness. Oh and ive gotten my results, they weren't as bad as i was expecting it to be considering the whole drama i had to deal with at that time. Alhamdullilah :)