Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now is the season where everybody post their raya pics on fb lol.
mmg tak sah laa kalau kawan tu melayu, and tade 1 pon gambar raya kan..
and while browsing thru these photos,
I came to realise one thing,
that everybody is beautiful,
in their own way.

Everybody is beautiful.
And i do mean physically.
I'm not kidding.
Yea, this particular person may not be of my taste,
but he or she is still beautiful.
Tak kira la muka dia kene deform ke ape ke,
ada jerawat ke apa,
tapi if you look closely at his or her natural look,
mmg sgt sgt beautiful sebenarnya..

So apa yang buat seseorang tu buruk?
Kenapa sampai org boleh kata seseorang tu buruk?
One word.
The heart.
And in this case,
it could be of two hearts.
1. Hati yang ckp seseorang tu buruk is too clouded to see and cherish the beauty in others
2. Org tu sendiri doesn't have the heart to portray him or herself confidently and sincerely.

Ever heard of, beauty comes from within?
This is it.
Allah has given you your beautiful self,
Apa yang tak sempurna?
Tak ada.
Bukan tu sahaja,
each and everyone of us, tade satu pon rupa yang sama.
All of us are unique, physically in our own way..
MasyaAllah.. huhu
So we are already naturally beautiful..

So whats left is for us to maintain that..
Preserve His blessings..
He gave it to us, for us to keep, to cherish,
to take good care,
and for as long as we do that with the right niat,
the right way,
that beauty within will out stand any ugliness one can find towards you..

Beauty nowadays has become too superficial,
Too materialistic,
Some think having all these things on them will make them look hotter,
I mean if its for a boast of confidence,
sure! Why not kan?
Tapi kkdg, sampai its all about having all that,
and thats not right..
Maintain physically is an easy thing to do,
A bit of touch up here and there,
and voila,
u're all done! :)
Nak rupa macam sape?
Lady Gaga?
go all white blonde and LVish haha!
Get electrocuted haha
But what if semua benda tu tade?
What will happen?
Will that last?
Not as long as a touch up of the heart huhu :)

I dont believe we are here to perfect or be perfected,
But I do believe we are here to strive for the best,
To be the best we can as our ownselves,
With our strengths and weaknesses
coz no one can ever do that, but diri kita sendiri..
and so we should fulfill that destiny!
Having this confidence in ourselves,
Having this goal,
And having the sincerity to fulfill this,
is pure hotness baybeh! hahaha :)

and paling penting,
and whats at heart..

I've lost myself..
I've drifted..
And i've never been so hideous in my own eyes after living for 21 years..
I've yet to recover..
But insyaAllah, with His strength and His will,
I'm hoping to bounce back..
And so, all this goes for me too..
Kita sama2 la look out for each other kay?
Especially brothers and sisters yang sesama Islam..
Sesama share knowledge, and guidance..
We're here for each other :)
And He will always be there for us if we seek Him :)

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