Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Life is like a fairytale. Fiction.
Life is beautiful in every way. Fact.

So what if i find the beauty in every detail?
So what if i make one of my ways of life,
just to embrace and appreciate how beautiful it is?
Its one of His signs..
Its an opportunity..
We should grab it..
It should be seen that way, shouldn't it?

Whats the use in achieving things,
In wanting to be things,
wanting to do things,
But not open your heart,
let down your pride and ego,
and accept its beauty??

and when you have it all,
you don't feel a thing..
Whats the use in that?
Tell me..

Life is cruel.
Life is shitty.
But it is also beautiful if you really look at it in a different angle..
and if you can see its beauty from another angle,
why choose other angles???
Why make life harder for yourself??

So don't tell me i'm all dreamy to think life is always beautiful,
I pity those who can't accept this,
Its like you're on a ride,
and before you know it,
you're off the ride dah..
without experiencing the loops, the high falls,
the adrenaline and excitement..

and so what if i get heart broken,
if i get false hopes this way?
At least im making the best out of the ride im on

Someone once told me,
its like im on a hunting event,
gave a few shots,
didn't get any birds,
and that particular someone will give up..
but i'm the kind that ill try my best until i at least hit them..
Fulfill my initial objective..
You know what,
you're right..
that is me.

And that has been me all this while..
So if any one of you can't handle that..
If any one of you can't appreciate that,
maybe its good that you leave..
As to what my dad told me to tell these people,

Take a walk..

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