Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm tired
I'm done
I have totally lost my faith in you.

This feeling of hurt,
if you wanna be here with me for a loooong time,
then fine.
You've already killed my heart anyway.
Whats to kill next?
My spirit?
Oh, you're nearly there with that too.
Go ahead.
Be my guest.
Kill it all,
because they make me WEAK.

I shall no longer take any of this anymore,
I'm done being pathetic.
I'm done being stupid and ridiculous.

Leave one thing, and only one,
and that is a practical mind.

You dont wanna help me?
Like i said,
i'm as good as dead to you.
My mind tells me you can't handle me.
It has always been my heart who had faith in you.
But now that you helped killing it..
I guess there shouldn't be anything in me much that'll still be rooting for you now kan?

I've gotten my wake up call.
Enough is enough

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