Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alhamdulillah.. :)

And now that i've gotten my result transcript, that wraps up my 5th semester :) 5th semester, course wise, was not that hard, BUT there were a whole lot of work, a lot of assignments going on, presentations, errands.. the looong hours in the lab, the group drama.. By far the most strenuous, ass whoppin', hell of a semester i've ever had, and they say next semester would be even WORSE. Oh boy, i'm. So. Looking. Forward. To. IT @_@'

5th semester as a whole? Total shit dip on top of a lovely piece of a triangular nacho. It started off with a whole lot of spirit. I was soo pumped up! And i had a journey to the past, where i became this old part of me for awhile which i haven't in a loong time. Became the president of my department club, became the captain of my basketball team, and became someone's girl. Towards the middle was where it started to taste all shitty hahaha Screw bein' someone's girl, that totally fucked up, BIG TIME. Being captain was not bad, and we got 2nd place. Awesome! :) And i'm still the president of my club, which i can't wait to let go. I started to play around just to feel good again, not taking my course seriously, skipped A WHOLE LOT OF CLASSES, and then during the finals, i watched more of 'Friends' than my lecture notes HAHAHAHA im not even kidding. But as it got towards the end of the nacho, the crappy taste wore off, holidays kicked in, and i had a blast so far. A total blast. Saw things, felt things, experienced things that just opens my mind. And with the surprising results i just got yesterday, alhamdulillah syukur sangat2 this chapter ended the best way :)

I'm all up for the 6th semester alright, truthfully speaking, i can't wait to get back to class. I'm gonna be on top of my game insyaAllah. SO long 5th semester, and all that was with it.. Thank You for droppin' by, you have taught me soo much.. :)

"The greatest gift one could have,
is the ability to love Allah,
their family, friends, and other people around them.. "

(ps: I took the picture myself.. hahahahah cool KANNN!!! :P)

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