Monday, December 20, 2010

So how did your first day of class go, Yasmin Mustapha?

Well, my first day of class started off...
by skipping the first class of the day.. I kinda overslept... HAHAHAHAHAHAH but oh welll... I managed to catch the 2nd class of the day tho, lol, which was alright.

My first words this semester were,
"OH MY, she cut her hair agaain!!" in this all bubbly tone, only to be reminded by the funny gazes i get in return from people around me that.. me being all bubbly in UKM, AINT THE USUAL YASMIN UKM SCENE.. I'm more of the dormant type, who just smiles away, and whispers her thoughts.. HAHAHAAHAH Haidir calls it "the other side of me".. Man, i guess im still on holiday mode... SHAAIIEESSHHH.....!!! But ya know, its about time UKM gets ta know how Yasmin REALLY roll.. no? lol :D

First book i borrowed from the library?
Atlas of Pathophysiology, which has all these cool drawings with colours and stuff. Vondurfull zindiiid.. hahahahahahaha

First food i had at the cafe?
Wanted to try the new jumbo hotdog, but i was fasting... I was thinking of losing weight again ya know.. Start my daily jogs again, eat appropriately. All the happiness ive been getting during the hols brought along some unwanted friends who just loves me soo much that its soo hard for them to let me gooooo.. i know im hostile.. but there are a lot of bony ones out there that you guys should be lingering on.. like... MY SISTER!!! YES!!! hahahhahaha love you Aisyah :P

First song that I listened to on the bus to get me going?
Mi-A-Mi to I-BiZa.. by DA Swe-Dish-HouSE-MuhFI-AAA :D

First thing i learned?
The pathophysiological mechanisms of Marasmus, Kwashikor, and Diabetes.. Which was fun considering i didn't sleep at all through out the whole lecture! YEEAAYY!!! :D :D :D

Today ain't that badd... Alhamdulillah :) oh and i had a whole lot of sushi for dinner.. HAHAHAHAHAH so much for wanting to lose WEIGHT! mehh... ;)

~ "We are, who we are" :)

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