Thursday, December 9, 2010


IF a hint of leonardo spinning his totem top, and Joseph Gordon (who's ever so sharp looking *melts* hahahah) running up and down a bunch of staircases going "Paradox.." in the end with a smirk hahahaha, just whispering through your mind at this very moment, here are my assumptions..

1. You have an acceptable internet connection
at THIS very moment... coz or else the song wouldn't be playing as we go thru this. I know RIIGGHHHT, i'm such a genius, thank you for no-ti-cinnnnn..! (hahaha :P)


2. You're a.. MOVIE FREAK
who pays attention to all the details including the songs!
or you could also be just an 'Inception' freak too..


3. You.. listen.. to INSTRUMENTAL SOUNDTRACKS!!!
If you're number three, and you feel like you couldn't connect to anyone about this, well, today's your lucky DAYYYY, ET has finally found HIS home alright, COZ I LISTEN TO THEM TOOO!!!! Awwwwwww *hugs* you're the friend ive been waiting to HAVE!!! HI FIVE sistah/brotha from another motha!! hahahahaahahaha (yyeaahh, I haven't had my lunch..)

OR 4. You saw the title
at the side bar, or the vid below which is the laamest assumption on the list.. pfftt.. But hey number 4, don't lemme steal your thunder, i'm proud of ya. You can REALLY READDD hmmMMm :D :D

Either way,
CORRECTO MUNDO, congraatulations-O guys! The track that should prolly be playin' as this goes, is from Inception. Composed by Hans Zimmer, and its called 'Time'. Another movie i had to watch twice at the movies this year.. Most def the MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Beat Harry and that skinny vamp right in the ass by a gazillion times, make no mis-TAKE about THAT! lol.

I love this soundtrack, its just pure genius. Imagine getting the chance to watch this song being played on stage, LIVE, WITH Hans Zimmer.. oh Wow.. *waterworks* hahaha.. To those who aren't into soundtracks, i hope you'll at least find value in this one. It has motivated me in so many ways.. Make dreams you wanna achieve, seem very possible you know. Kicks your imagination to work haha :) Bukan nak berangan, bukan nak leka.. but to initiate. to spark. To ignite an idea..

Enjoy the song, humans :)

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