Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life and its ironies..

1. A whole lot of people that i know got married this year.. like a WHOLE LOT. But guess what, a whole lot of people that i know got divorced this year, too. Hmm.. kira balance la eh? :)

2. At the end of endless plannings and effort, everything became dependent on that one person whom you wouldn't wanna even be reminded of.

3. A conflict of months long ended over a home-made meal haha alhamdulillah :)

4. I lasted a week with just 200 smses from hotlink rewards and no credit at all haha

5. "Sometimes, different people just tend to bring out different sides of an individual.." - and this was from an eleven year old kid.

6. "You gotta find a guy with better issues min :)" - also from the same kid hahaha

7. 75% of the effort you put into getting back at someone goes to simply bearing thoughts of it in your mind. Exhausting kan?

8. Believing in something that you don't practice, is not of something new nowadays.

9. Whenever im all happy, i'll gain weight.. erkh payah wey hahaha :P

10. "We were once on the same platform as South Korea, Taiwan.. Now we're decades behind. Leka.."

11. My sister is dating my ex's brother... yea hahaha but, i dont really mind at all :)

12. ~when the truth is, i think i've found someone with better issues, but its better for him to not know this.. :)

13. I love my playlist of songs on this blog lol too self absorbed? tak laa kannn?? hahaha :P

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