Friday, December 3, 2010

Vids that i don't mind watching allllll dayyyyy :)

Baba yetu yetu bla blu bli bleyyy hahahaha
most def diggin' the song:)

To Build a Home is the title of the song, in case if you're wondering. And its by The Cinematic Orchestra.. Look at all the flamingos.. hmm :)

By far, the best piano cover of a song i've ever watched on youtube.. If only i could play like thaaat.. :)

Explosions in the Sky is def one of my fav postrock bands.. and look at all those Hot Air balloons go.. hmm.. i'd love to ride on one one day.. :)

annnnd this.. by far, THE BEST VID i've ever come across.. i'd love to go here before i die.. and the song.. brings tears :(

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