Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You're only plain because you THINK you're plain

Plain. Ordinary. Everybody finds comfort in normality, in being, NORMAL. I guess its coz you won't stand out that much, people won't notice you, and you'll be safe from God-knows-what, or at the very least, thats the idea. Sometimes, people suppress their true personality because they want to be normal. Ada yang sampai tak makan sbb nak kurus, since thats NORMAL. Newsflash number one, only stupid ass freaks do that. Newsflash number 2, nobody is normal ANYWAY... But hey, if you're happy with suppressing urself that way.. Then be my guest, go all NORM inside out you want. Ain't gonna get in the wayy haha :)

But see, here's a shout out for those of you who feels like they wanna be different, who wants to BE themselves and BE HAPPY about it. Here's to those who feels their lives are plain boring, but yet kept on getting the notion that there aint much they can do to their lives to BE at least a lil bit more interesting. Newsflash number 3, THERE IS A LOT OF THINGS in this world that you CAN do, and don't give me the 'i-hav-no-time' excuse. You will always HAVE time for the things that you WANT to do. You just gotta want it more.

You're only plain because you think you're plain, (chey, macam a motivator la plak HAHAHA but what the heck, im trying to knock some sense into youss out there haha). Life, is a broad platform, filled with opportunities here and there. You think your life is boring? SPICE. IT. UP! Have no time for that? MAKE TIME. And you don't have to start with something bombastic, try the small things first.

Ask yourself, whats the smallest thing in life, that you can do within the time you have, simple, and at the same, make you feel more of yourself, confident, and happy? For me, its as simple as a smile. Let yourself go, and smile awayyy! Smile to any random person haha and trust me, u'll feel free. The main door to the pathology lab at HUKM was locked today, and i had to try a new route to get there. Yes, i got lost. And then, i passed by this tall guy who was quite smart looking, and i simply smiled. He smiled back, and that made me feel.. good and happy somehow. Two days back, i was in the bus looking out the window, and there was an indian who randomly waved from outside. I excitedly waved back, not because i was flattered or anything, but to make that particular moment funny and memorable, just the way i like it to be HAHAHA yea i'm weird, and I love myself, thank you :p And that dude, laughed and gave this sincere smile back hahaha Random, small, but it made me feel wonderful.. and feeling wonderful is exciting hahaha and thats what we want!

Here's another one. Ice cream.. hahaha ice cream always makes me happy. Fat. BUT HAPPY, ALWAYS. And from a busy day at work, to indulge yourself with good ice cream, gives your life a new shade of colour :) These things yea, they may seem simple. To some, it may seem plain, but who cares what others think, i know it aint plain, not to me haha and thats what matters. Like i said, you're plain because you THINK you're plain.

On weekends, set the notch up one level, and try something self-satisfying. Throw yourself out there, and try something new! Go random. I've made a small list of things that i wanted to achieve last vacay. The things on my list have always been on my lists of things to do for soooo longggg.. YEARS. But i didn't have the guts to actually do them until recently. Lately, i've been treating myself better, and because of the list, i actually went kiting, watched an orchestra, go to the zoo (SERIOUS BERTAHUNNNN dah nak pegi zoo ni hahaha), i painted, caught an awesome soccer match walaupon esok harinya dah start kat HUKM pukul 8am hahaha saw big bird! Hahaha went for a theater, ice skating, archery. oh i went hiking, went for random events, camping. I was busy. But i made time for it all. You may have a set of different things that you'd like to do like to go for a conference, or help out at the old folks home, or a kindergarten. Have a chat with an old friend, go for a gig, go scuba diving, or on a volcano trip. Anything!! Set small goals, and that way, you'll achieve more :)

When it comes to self image, only one opinion counts. YOURS. I've had friends telling me i look like a nerd, that im fat. True. I do look like a nerd. I AM A FUCKING NERD hahahha and i am fat. But, so what?? Acceptance issue ke? Ala, bullshit la semua tu. You want people to accept u, u gotta accept urself first! And i've made peace with myself not being skinny, alhamdulillah. Org lain ada problem with it? U guys can take a walk and have a good journey! :)

I'm happy with the way i am. No, i'm not perfect, but i know Allah has given me everything that i need to bring myself here in this world for Him, and i humbly am thankful for all of that. Trust me, He has given u everything to be happy about. So stop nagging, and LIVE. Where there's a will, there is always a way. And you are, whomever you believe you are. Don't like yourself? Make a change. and please do it now, for time is not of our control.. huhu :)

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