Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sounds :)

One of the things I appreciate a whole lot in this world,
would most definitely be none other than, sounds.
I guess that’s pretty much obvious, no? lol
From the sound of raindrops tapping on your window seal,
to the sound of a fan spinning in an empty room,
to the sound of police sirens dwelling in the night,
a slight pull of a cello’s 3rd string,
the clinging sound of keys as they’re being pulled out of a bulky handbag,
to a baby’s giggle as it warms the room,
the slurring of a teacup getting filled by hot, warm strawberry flavored tea,
A mother's hum as she knit her daughter's pink muffler,
the synchronized stomping of marching boots as soldiers march their way to war.
voices of debating opinions as they're being thrown out in the open, boldly,
the rush of air as an old man breathes it in ever so deeply,
and then breathes it out for the last time..

they paint a picture no colour can,
express thoughts not a language can interpret,
Project vibes and feelings
not any kind of physical touch
can ever achieve...

I witnessed an orchestra, live,
for the very first time yesterday,
with a really good friend of mine
who's the closest person i've met to like the same so called 'boring' songs i listen to,
and classicals apparently lol.
I've always wanted to watch one,
Ever since I started listening to Vivaldi,
and that was when i was 8 lol,
and 13 years after that,
I got my chance.. lol :)
The experience was by far,
the best i've ever encountered when it comes to music.
I was nearing to tears when the strings hit the first few bars of the first symphony,
and the both of us couldn't stop smiling through out the whole performance,
which lasted for 2 hours.
Yes, my cheeks ached just because of that,
but it was all WORTH IT! hahaha

Getting to hear the sounds of each instrument being played,
harmoniously, as the musicians' hands moved and their heads swayed to feel the music,
with such synchronicity was one thing,
but being able to see these musicians playing their heart out,
passionately, and really telling the world that THAT's what they love to do,
was just.. full of energy,
simply moving,
remarkably splendid..

And i couldn't have invited any one better than whom i have,
as he, too, appreciated the whole thing as much as I did,
He, too, had aching cheeks for smiling too much lol :P
Thank You for the most wonderful company :)

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