Sunday, June 12, 2011

1. Learn how to play the Tin Whistle

1. Learn How To Play the Tin Whistle


and it was super fun! Although, it didn't sound nethin' like how the Corrs played it,
but at the very least,
i did manage to accomplish that.
Hooray! :D


  1. apart from the sound, are there any differences between this whistle and the cheap recorder that we learned in school meen?

  2. Well, i think the way you play it is different, and this whistle is smaller. And of course, bunyi tin whistle ni lagi best, unless if you get yourself the cheap one, then same je la macam recorder tu lol..

  3. nak cari ni lah! hehehehehe~ i noe exactly what song to play this with! heehehe...

    check this outtt.. but this one is played on an ocarina.. hehehe