Monday, June 13, 2011

I miss my bestest friend

Its been exactly a month now,
Here, in Corelaine,
And tonight would be the first time,
I couldn't help myself,
but to miss my bestest friend.

I miss his silly jokes,
I miss his heavy conversations of life,
I miss his quirky smile,
I miss how he makes sound effects when he tells me stories,
I miss how his eyes would buldge out,
and his brows would bunch up,
whenever he's mad.

I miss how he could tell straight away,
of how i'm feeling even without me telling,
or showing him,
or sad.

I miss how he could come to my room past midnight,
just to check how i am,
I miss how he'll wait for me to watch one of my dvds with him,
I miss how he would take time after work to send me dinner at my campus,
Sometimes, i just wanted to see him ya know,
nothing much to do with dinner really..

I miss how he'll listen to me,
every single story that i have.
I miss how he looks after me,
I feel protected.

I wish he was here,
I know he'd love to see this place,
I know he'll appreciate it,
I wish i could capture all of this,
for him to see,
to experience,
i know it'll make him happy.

I'm tearing so badly now lol,
If only he could read this :)

I miss you ayah,
so so much.. huhu
Remember how i cried on my first bus to kmkn?
Its definitely happening again, now lol :')
Gahh.. i need to sleep lol
Good night readers :)
oh and sorry for the emotional post lol.

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