Sunday, June 19, 2011

Berangan at 4am in the morning lol :P

Sekarang ni musim kawen ke macamane eh? Ive gotten like tonnes of wedding invitations just for these two months alone lol. And since it seems like this wedding frenzy is drizzling over everybody, i can't help but to get a little wee bit wet myself lol.

I was thinking of the gifts they give during weddings actually. Not that i'm materialistic or anything, but don't u think they're kinda generic? LIke most of the gifts they give each other are the saaaameeee in any other wedding. Dah boleh agak dah atas dulang hantaran tu ada apa. Kek, patu bakul buah, designer shoes, designer wallets/belts/perfumes, skin care products, lol. Macam laaamee je haha The most coolest 'hantaran' that i've come across pon is a sony's play station 3s. So what would i want on them hantaran trays instead, you ask? Good question. and itll be my pleasure to answer :)

See, for me, instead of gifts like that, which i would most probably prefer to buy myself rather than having the groom to buy them for me, i'd like it if its a bit different. For example, like one of them, could be tickets to the North to see the Northern Lights! Yeah! hahaha that wouldn't cost much i think. Even a half sponsored ticket would do lol :P

And another of em trays could be like a journal or a book HE wrote about his experience of this whole thing. Or a letter. Or something thats written by himself. Anything! He could even draw something, and i'd appreciate that even more than a gucci handbag even if my 5 year old cousin can draw better than him hahaha :P

If he's like bloody rich, and if say he's budgetting to give me a car which is also another normal thing to do, i'd appreciate him if he doesn't proceed with that. I can live with my kembara haha. Instead, 1/3 of that money could go to buying me a new grand piano!! Wait, or perhaps music gadgets that could help me record better music on my own and mash my piano sounds with other sounds, yes! hahahaha and the other 2/3rds could be paying my membership fees for magazines like DISCOVER (i freakin' love DISCOVER magazine), or the National Geographic magazine, or perhaps membership fees into international organisations like WHO, or EASD, or IBMS.. or support my conference fees to some very interesting program or training that would occur around that year. ANd he could come along too! hahaha or memberships to those organisations that goes around the world to help the hopeless refugees.. or perhaps cancer organisations.. WWF, you know? that kind of thing. That would be cool :)

Skin care products, i can live with that. I do need help in curing my acne problems anyway, and if he wants me to look all barbie-perfect, he could help me out with that department. Thatd be fair enough, no? lol (and its also coz i dont think i'd spend my own money for it mainly because it doesn't matter to me thaaat much. Id rather spend it on something else. But i know he wouldn't wanna be walking next to a rag lol so yea).

If he's thinking of buying me a house, (again, this is IF he IS bloody rich), i say, sure. Buy a house, here, in Coleraine. But it wouldn't be for me. Itd be for my parents :) The house wouldn't need to be so huge. A small one would do. But the land has to be huge. Massive laid out fields, and yet, near the sea where the beautiful cliffs are. yupp..

He wouldn't need to get me wallets, watches, shoes and all that. I can get them myself. But you know, he could get me a beautiful kitten, for our new house, and everything else that it would need to start off with. Like the litter box, injections, food supply for a year.. hahaha yes. :D that wouldn't be so hard to manage, now would it?

Anddd i'll be happy with just that :) The rest of the money, he cn keep for future plans hehe. I'm just saying, whatever it is that he gives me, its more significant to me if there is a strong purpose to it ya know? LIke a huge meaning to it. Shoes, wallets, watches, yea, they're cool, but, so what?? But if you give me a kitten instead, one, you're giving me something that i know i'd love lol, and two, you went with the crazy idea regardless of how stupid it may sound in the begining, making you different and more significant to me, and three, its just cool! lol

Aye, i am dreaming a wee bit off the top here, but hey, dreams are suppose to be a wee bit off the top anyway lol. Lets see what'll happen hahaha enjoy your sunday!


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  2. min! me too is thinking about the same thing. and plus plus plussss, about the kitten part!! hahahaha exactly the same thing that ive been asking hadi to gimme for hantarannn!!! -a yellow/orange kitten w blue eyes. uuu so cuteeee :O :O :O

    a kitten for my hantaran meow meow ^^)