Sunday, June 26, 2011

And ran, as fast as she can

Swimming her way,
In a sea of confusion,
While asking herself,
Why did it all happen?

Searching her way,
for familiar faces,
Hoping that they,
Would spare her with answers

But familiar faces,
had problems of their own,
Had no time,
for a silly girl

A silly girl,
who's submerged in her own world,
of the shimmering stars,
she wishes to be

So she put on her tracking shoes,
Stormed out the door,
and ran,
as fast as she can

Away from the comfort she depended on,
Away to be alone,
Away to search for clarity,
the answers on her own

As the sun shines upon her,
As she was running,
a warm presence followed her,
wherever she went

Up the hill,
Down the road,
across the small stream,
wherever she went.

And so she stopped running,
and stared at it,
while asking,
who it was.

It stood there,
staring back at her,
in silence,
without a word

and that was when
everything started making sense,
when all confusion,
disappeared into thin air,

that was when,
she found the answers she was looking for,
and was what made her,
smiling to her chubby cheeks once more.

Ayah once said,
it's never wise to be too dependent,
And i shall not allow myself,
to be in such a vulnerable state ever again

When something that confuses you happens,
And it makes you uneasy, always remember that,
you yourself is always your problem,
and you yourself is always your solution

I almost slipped again that day,
But that's what small slips do to you,
They'll make you remember,
of that one great fall you've once experienced

And that presence was destined by God's will,
to be there for the silly girl that day,
That significant presence,
reminded her to not fall again.

It was her shadow that followed her all the way,
And it will always be there,
for as long as she allows a speck of light,
to shine on her, wherever she roams.
Wherever she roams.

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