Thursday, June 23, 2011

We're running out of time

Have you ever just wondered sometimes, of the reason why we're here in the first place? Why are we living and breathing God's air? What is life? What is the essence of life?

Ojo did ask me once about the essence of life, and i told him that we're living here to prove something to Allah. To prove our faithfulness to the All-Mighty. And then he asked me again, if thats the case, why this kind of life? Why put us with other people? Why couldn't we be tested in a world where we're alone? The moment he asked that, a sudden surge of random thoughts waved through my mind. And before i could answer his question, he went on with what he thought about it and said,

"I personally think the reason of having each other is so that we can create an impact. We could affect one another in ways that could help and pull as many people as we can to God's path"..

and that got me thinking.

I believe the efforts we make every second of our lives is to achieve the ideal condition we perceive as perfection. And perfection varies among individuals. Whats perfect to me, may not be perfect to you. And whats perfect to you, may not be perfect to me. BUt how would we know whats perfect to us? HOw would we know whats good for us if we're not exposed to other alternatives? If we're not exposed to other examples? How would we know whats right for us if not for the mistakes that have been done before us? With each other, we can.

Life is always simple. It is. Perhaps its not as easy as simplicity might portray it to be, but it is most definitely simple. Its like a drawn picture on a painting canvas u know, framed by the black and white of whats right and whats not. Simple. Whats not easy is for us to colour it in and produce a beautiful picture. Thats the challenge. And we need different colours to do that. We need to understand different colours, different kind of strokes, all working hand in hand for one beautiful picture of perfection. Ojo was right about impact. He was right about helping each other. We need each other. Thats why we were not meant to be alone. But, are we helping each other?

We do help each other. But what ive been noticing is how we tend to help those who are no different from us more than those who are. We set out too many gaps in between us simply to feel secured. To be at comfort. I can't help but to admit, being around those who are like u is comforting. But then you'd only be colouring your canvas with one tone of colour. You won't be able to learn what other colours may offer. You're missing out. And in this short life, you gotta make the best out of it. You cant afford to miss out on anything..

I tend to learn more from ones who are totally different from me. Take my bestfriends as examples, Syahirah, Syakirah, and Elissa. Even by looking at the four of us, people can tell straight away that we're different from one another. Ojo and i are totally different from one another, but ive learned a lot from him. Same goes with my classmates. I learned quite a lot from the chinese and indians. Its because we're different from one another that allows us to complete each other and become better people. Its a golden opportunity! Lemme give you examples. Past year papers. Why must you keep it among your own race? Study groups. Why must it be among the same race? Why? Imagine if these gaps aren't there, and we're here to help each other, everybody, as a whole. Imagine the things we would achieve by now. Our whole class might excel altogether instead of just a group of us. Wouldn't that be something awesome?

Unfortunately, many of us are blinded by our comfort zones, or perhaps afraid to step out. What are we afraid of? Others taking advantage on us? Reality check number one. Get down the pedestal and open your eyes. There are other bigger fish to catch out there, together, than being paranoid of people wanting to take advantage on you. Reality check number two, Before u come up with stupid assumptions like these, have you ever taken the right time to get to know these other people first? no. Instead you go with the effed up mentality thats been inherited eversince cavemen found fire, and decided to prolong that. Reality check number 3, if you're gonna blame the government for this, i say you're as stupid as how you portray the gov is being, no offence. I simply dont see the logic in this at all.

We live to build bridges, not walls. We live to learn. We live to prove. And living with each other is an advantage. Lets start taking it as one. we're running out of time.

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