Friday, June 17, 2011

Your Neighbourhood NERD :P

Another scene at the tissue culture room again yesterday. Mohamed, Najwa, Dinesh and I were talking and waiting for Ojo when THE question pop up. cGPA. Daayem, i hate that question lol. The two of them were asking Najwa whats her cGPA, and when the question got to me, as usual, i refuse to answer. And then Dinesh said something that just, blew my mind away hahaha it went something like,

Dinesh: "What did she get? She must be very intelligent."

Mohammed: "Yeah, im guessing she got something like 3.8?"

Dinesh: "Yea, she seems like a nerd"

---- and i gave a very surprising,
"Whatchu said?!???? NERD???"---

Lol!!!!!! and i started laughing. But apparently, i was the only one laughing. The rest were looking at me, with a grin, but their eyes were serious. They were effin' serious about it!! Holy smack! lol. If only they knew i'm no Eistein, that'll like blow their minds kot. I guess i am emitting too much of the nerdy aura don't i? It must be the orange glasses. Whut chu say? It aint? Its me? ahhh bugger, shut up yous.. lol!! OKay fine, perhaps i am nerdy. No wait, I AM a nerd. And you know what? I am kinda proud of it bhahahaha!

I'd rather people take me as a nerd, than someone who's popular and who has everything that she needs coz thats just total bull. I'm not popular, people just know me. And i dont have everything i need. I earn for the things that i need, i dont just get them like as if they fall from the sky or somethin'. Its rather unpleasing to be hearing people tellin' me, "Oh you're so lucky!" or "oh you daddy''s girl". Hey, i work my ass off to get to where-ever i am that you guys see i am okayy.. lol.

I was in the laboratory yesterday, till like 9pm or so. Mohammed and Najwa went like around 6. Ojo went home like aroun 7, Vikas and claire around 8:30pm, and i was seriously alone in the whole Diabetis department, doing my report and a wee bit of Fb-ing, just a wee bit hahaha. And for the last half an hour that i spent in the lab alone, my mind started to analyse things. Is this the kind of life that i want in the future? I looked around and grin.

Yes. This is exactly where i want to be. At a centre where things are being discovered, where people are so passionate about gaining new knowledge rather than power or money. Where its soo far away from distraction, where you're surrounded by natural beauty. And here you are, alone, doing your work, happilly even if it means to sacrifice your own resting time. I was happy. I am happy alhamdulillah. Yea, things aren't all good all the time, i did get a few setbacks this week, a number of emotional breakdowns, but ya know, nothing is unmanageable if you put your mind to it. And plus, things would be boring if its all FINE through out the whole way, if ya know what i mean lol. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me such an opportunity. I shall miss this place so much.

Its been two nights that i stayed up till 4 in the morning to perfect my executive summary for my industrial training report, and now that i'm done with it, I must say, i am quite satisfied with it. Alhamdulillah.. :) Have an awesome friday you guys!

sincerely from your neighbourhood NERD haha :P

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