Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You can never replace anyone

I've been watching a whole lot of movies lately. Before Sunset was one of them, played by Ethan Hawke. I wouldn't say its anything bombastic, the whole movie was about these two characters talking to each other after 10 years of not meeting each other. And when i say the movie was about these two characters TALKING, i do really mean just TALKING lol. But the content of their conversation is something everybody can relate to i think, and there were a few things the girl said that made me go somethin' like, "hey, i actually feel the same way!" lol. The girl in that movie, Celine, said.. "You can never replace anyone, because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details"

Yes, here's another relationship-related post, so no need to wear your brain boaster caps today lol :P When i heard that line, it made me think of my past relationship affairs. They're no longer with me, true, and everytime i meet someone new, they'll always be better than the previous ones, but none of them can really replace any one of them. Not as a whole. I feel like writing about them this time, just to record it down lol

Mister ACT

Ahh this guy haha He just caught my attention the very first glance i had on him lol. Instant reaction lol. He's most definitely the funniest crush i've ever had. I dont think anyone i've met can ever top him in that particular trait. And it was with him, that i kinda had my teenage-depressing-puppy love epic hahahaha we used to swap things, me and him, it was not defined by any status or anything, it was never definite lol always beyond the clouds, along with 'what ifs' and unsureness. But everything was just simple though. But perhaps too simple became the problem too and So yea, things didn't work out. But one thing i do admire about this dude, is his heart. He has that pure, naive, untainted heart that just shines over everybody around him. A kind of shine, no other can replicate. hmm.. :)

The Jock

A skinny kind of jock, yes hahaha! But i dont think he's skinny any more :P This dude, had the looks, he's an athlete, a basketball star but def not a nerd if you know what i mean. He ain't a nerd back in the school days, but he is one now i think. He's doing pretty well, too. I can't be anymore proud of him. We started off as best friends for like 4 years or so, and i guess its coz he's my best friend that things just kicked off on its own lol. And he would be THE PERSON, i've had my longest phone conversation with in my whole entire life. Yes. There was once, we talked from like 10pm till 6 in the morning bahaha yea, 0.001% of what NSTP had to pay that month would be the bills for this :P He's also the one i've had my longest relationship with, and that was just like a year and a half. Yes, i haven't been that successful in relationship wise, if ya know what i mean. It ain't about options though, that has never been a problem. But they just dont stay long ya know? I dont stay long lol. So we didn't make it till the end. But what i do like in him though, is his humble-ness. After years of knowing him, i've never heard anything boastful coming from him. Not one single thing. And he'd always consider what his family thinks of things before he proceeds with anything. He rarely proceeds without his family's consent, and thats something i dont see in everybody ya know. we're good friends, still. Same
goes with mister ACT, and i feel grateful to still have them around :)

The young boy with huge ambitions

Truthfully, there weren't many 'check's on my check list for this guy on our first meet. If we were to meet, just like that, i wouldn't say i'll be attracted to him. But what actually did though, was how he appreciated me in the begining. He speaks of me as if i'm something sacred, like i'm so special to him. And I knew he wasn't lying, and to know someone can appreciate me that way, was just.. i dont know how to say this huhu. And i think i fell in love with that idea more than in him too much for my own good huhu.. won't be getting that with just anybody. Of course, that faded, it only lasted for like a month or so, and the remaining time together was just trying to keep at par with that. we did't work out at all, and that cost me the worst depression of my life lol. ANd he's the only ex that i'm no longer close with. And i think its better that way :) Still, thats one trait i find hard to be replaced by just anybody.

Dr Cheesy

bahaha i love teasing him :) and no, he ain't one of my exs. I'm not gonna say much about this one here coz there's a need for anticipation-building in this one hahaha :P But, just so he knows, i knew he was irreplaceable as well, the moment he left me four years ago :)

And as for the rest of the dudes on my list that i didn't mention, you guys are special in your ways too. But if i were to talk about you guys as well, i might have like a novel or somethin lol. OKay, not that there are THAT many.. but u know how i tend to not stop once i start blabbering.. yea lol.

"I feel I was never able to forget anyone I’ve been with. Because each person had their own… specific qualities. You can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost. Each relationship, when it ends, really damages me. I never fully recover. That’s why I’m very careful with getting involved, because… It hurts too much..Even getting laid… I actually don’t do that… I will miss of the person the most mundane things. Like I’m obsessed with LITTLE THINGS. Maybe I’m crazy but… when I was a little girl, my mom told me that I was always late for school. One day she followed me to see why… I was looking at chestnuts falling from the trees rolling on the sidewalk, or ants crossing the road… the way a leaf cast a shadow on a tree trunk… LITTLE THINGS. I think it’s the same with people. I see in them little details, so specific to each of them, that move me, and that I miss, and… will always miss. You can never replace anyone, because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details."

- Before Sunset
Have an awesome wednesday! ;)


  1. where's my part meen? ahahahaha~

  2. BABE YOU HAVE TO WATCH BEFORE SUNRISE DULU!! or you dah tengok dah? cite tu i pasang and sambil buat keje i senyumm je dengar. he he he he

  3. OH belum!! hahahah i thought i was downloading Before Sunrise time tu.. and through out the first half of the movie, i was like, bilaa laa dia nak tunjuk time diorg mula2 jumpa dulu.... baahahahahha! I didn't realise i was watching the sequel until i decided to google it when there was like 20 minutes left of the movie hahaha.. and they say before sunrise is better that before sunset. I'd imagine so. Daangg hahahahha i shall try to watch before sunrise one of these days :P

  4. but yeah, I watched Before Sunset dulu last time. hehe. Yes, it is much much better :)

    btw I like the post too :)