Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beats that'll get you dancin'! ;)

"Just snap your fingers everybody and come and jump with me"
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust

"You can't tame this energy inside"
DJ Fresh ft Sian - Louder

"Just bounce. BOUNCE!!"
Calvin Harris - Bounce

"I'll guarantee you'll miss, cause you changed the way you kiss me"
Example - Change the way you kiss me

"What a feeling, to let it all go"
Kelly Rolland ft Alex Gaudino - What A Feeling

"Remember how it was with you, Remember how u pulled me through"
Deadmau5 - I remember

"Can we take it back?"
Toddla T - Take it Back

"I got nothing going on, if you hide yourself"
Loadstar - space between

"Everytime you get close to the top, you fall.. crashing down from the sky"
Strange Behaviour - Feed me

Can't believe i'm leaving Coleraine soon.. :(

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