Friday, July 15, 2011

The Rainbows in the sky to show God's promises are true

I do believe strongly in my religion. I may not portray it best for my imperfections and own weaknesses, but i do believe in Allah, His words, and our beloved prophet Mohammad. But that does not necessarily mean i must constrict myself from learning about other beliefs. Sometimes, you tend to understand better about what you've chosen to be when you're looking at what you've chosen not to be. Am i making sense? lol.

So, today was my first time entering attending to an event held in a church. And so, the moment i entered the church, i made an intimate promise to myself to hold strong with what i believe in to the core of my heart, and at the same time keep an open mind and learn, and there i was, standing, and enjoying their lively songs about the God they believed in, and it hit me. People who has faith, is always at an advantage. Always.

The faith that you have carved deep in you, is without a flaw until you give it a reason to have one. It is not weak, until you let it be weak. And it is perfection, until you spoil it with impurity. It is where all hope lies, and it is that harness that'll pull you to safety when you've accidentally fall. Some people choose to not have faith, they choose to believe whats real in front of their eyes, than an abstract idea. So they choose to put hopes onto themselves, or other people, or other things. But thats where the problem lies. You and i? We're not perfect. Things and objects? They're never perfect. And these entities have that potential to break you, to disappoint you. Say for an example, instead of turning to faith, you take you partner or your bf/gf as something more significant, you take people as your everything.. What happens when he or she is no longer there? And be honest to yourself, can he or she ALWAYS be there for you? Can people ever be enough for you? People who have no faith would be at lost when the world is not providing them their needs. But people who believes in faith wouldn't be, simply because they already have whats essential to them. Faith :)

Faith is not an abstract idea. It is as real as you and i, and you'll only be able to see it if you wish to have a pair of eyes that could. I was torn to the very core about a year ago, and trust me when i say, i had everybody helping me to bring me up again. But it was not enough, and what really got me through, was faith. And the faith that i believe in, is perfect. That is where i shall put all my hopes with, and that is where my heart lies as well, for i know it'll be safe there. That is where my purpose of living, is directed to, too. So if whenever whoever comes around, and push me to the ground, strip me from the all that i own in this world, take all of the people around me whom i love ever so dearly, i'll still have that one reason to feel okay. I'll still have that one reason to get up on my two feet and move forward. I'll still have that one reason to be happy about, and that is because i haf faith. And insyaAllah, with His will, this faith that i have will always be with me.. amin..


  1. I just believe in myself, my mom, the imaginary characters created by myself, the arcade game characters, the Japanese animation characters and some semi ghost and God believes~ Haha

  2. faith is by having complete confidence or trust in something, regardless of what you believe in.. so from what you've stated above, thats havin' faith alright! good for you :D