Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Goodbyes - Original Piano composition by Me

A tribute from me to the whole of two months i was in Northern Ireland.
Oh how i miss that place :(

ITS BEEN AWHILE, I KNOW!!! hahahahha but anywho, i'm so happy to be reunited again with my guitar and piano!!!!!!! And i came up with this melody. Yes, the melody does sound a bit familiar with the one on Pearl Harbour.. but i just love the progression ya know.. its awesome.. hahahaha and i decided to add that bit to the whole composition.. and voila!

as for the video clips, took them when i was in Northern Ireland for my placing.. oh how i miss the place huhu.. this video means a whole lot to me, some may not get it.. but it does mean a lot to me :) i do hope whoever listens to this will be able to appreciate it as well.

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