Friday, July 29, 2011


I prayed to Allah,
To show me what is good for me,
To guide me to what is meant for me,
To protect me from what might hurt me..

I prayed to Allah for a sign,
for a sign to what might be the best,
for a termination of all hopes
at the starting line,
if things are not meant to be..

This morning,
Allah brought rain..
Rain that wet the dire generator of curiosity,
that it exploded
Rain that wet the firing hope for a settled answer,
that all flame was lost.

I was crushed.
I felt very much disappointed.
Too disappointed that it pained,
Too disappointed that it made me restless,
Too disappointed that it made me determined.
Very much determined to what i need,
To what i want to achieve.

This morning,
instead of giving up,
I discard negativity,
I pushed myself,
I adapted,
I resolved,
and Alhamdulillah,
I've achieved what i've set myself to achieve.

and Alhamdulillah,
I've gotten my answer from Him.

It takes effort,
and a strong heart,
to get on top of that mountain,
to jump over hurdles,
to reach the stars,

It takes effort,
and a strong heart
to get what you want..

And trust me,
with these elements,
U'll get there..
U'll get there

A lesson learned..
Now the question is,
What do i want?

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