Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bottles of ketchup and chilli sauce

Back when i was in 5th grade, i remembered Ms Pollack assigning us to do the most memorable project i've ever done in my whole entire life. we had this particular novel for our read aloud session at that time. I can't recall the title of the novel, but it was about this particular place being attacked by some other country, and the kids were left stranded. And so the main character of the story decided to take things under her charge, gathered all the kids that she could find, found an empty school, and they lived there. After quite some time, the school was occupied by a community of kids, and that school became a country of its own lol with its own set of rules and regulations, and of course, the main character became some sort of like a president haha. Prior to this, the assignment was for us to put ourselves in that girl's shoes, and think of how we'd run that school instead.

Power. What we'd do with it. And what we'd do without it.

I do realise my views on politics may not be entitled for any kind of consideration lol simply because i'm quite ignorant about it. Shame on me, i know. I'm better at memorizing the names of the Roman Myth Gods and their history than the dwellings of our politicians. But when i watched Al-Jazeera's coverage of the whole Bersih 2.0 demonstration today, of how these people used Allah's name to protest something like that with anger and animosity down the streets of KL, tears stranded down my cheeks. What is wrong with my country today..

A government can never be perfect. It can be better of course, but can never be ideal, especially one that has power for too long. Its very humane of us to take advantage on things that are with us for too long, don't it? huhu. And i guess these people thought this is the only way to send their message through, especially after similar successful movements occurring in the mid east. Its good to fight for your rights, to stand up for what you believe in. But lets both parties reflect back to the main reason why you're fighting for, and why you believe in the things that you believe in. We crave things simply to feel more comfortable with our lives, simply to live at peace in serenity with our surroundings. By doing all these demonstrations, is that anywhere near gaining comfort and peace?? Even in the long run, will it really solve problems? Do you think the opposition will have better chances with the new rules that you're proposing? Goodness. Fine, perhaps this wasn't much about the opposition wanting to win, perhaps this is about fairness and equality, but how sure are you of that? Other nations are on their way to figure out what lies beyond our universe, and here we are bickering about permanent ink? Siap ada demonstration lagi. Ape tu? And by shouting Allah's name, tainting His name for a cause even they're confused about, what does that show? Doing damage for a greater cause is still doing damage. As for the leaders of our country, wake up. Enough with all the petty little things, and start moving forward. poco2? Sex vids? Ape tu? Why are you molding our people to be concentrating and focusing on these things when there are much better things to think about? I don't see much advancements after Matathir has left. Yes, it takes time. But it has been more than half a decade that he has left, and still nothing. In fact, things are getting out of hand. You're moving the nation alright, but not forward, instead, against each other. This is why i choose to be politically ignorant. I dont see truth in any of it.

I'm not gonna point fingers to anyone. Like i said, all this is coming from someone who's ignorant towards politics. but i do believe there's always a reason why people say the things they say, and its time for all of us to reflect back to our original intentions. It is time for us to stop blaming each other, i dont fucking care who's fault it is. I want solutions. If whoever thinks they're better than the other, i say this is the time to unite, sit down, and figure things out. Enough dancing around the bush. Enough parading in your emperor's clothes. Enough is enough, i say.

Bottles of ketchup and chilli sauce were one of the suggestions i came up for my group in that project of ours, and that was for our main defense system lol. And my teacher thought it was very creative lol. If only all problems could be easily solved with bottles of ketchup and chilli sauce..


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